Welcome to Our Practice!

Whether you’re preparing for your child’s first visit to our office or looking forward to your child’s routine checkup, our top priority is helping children achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile into adulthood.

We do this by providing a relaxed, supportive and fun environment for both the child and the parents that eliminates uncertainties and helps kids understand the importance of taking care of their teeth. We also believe that education is the key to a lifetime of good oral health. Our caring Reston pediatric dentists work with parents to help you understand and best address your child’s dental needs, such as nutrition, brushing and flossing.

Our knowledgeable and nurturing Reston pediatric dentists specialize in dentistry for kids, which include routine oral health exams, preventive dental care, sealants, fillings, fluoride treatment, special needs dentistry, laser dentistry, Tongue and Lip-Ties, laser infant frenectomy, mouth guards and more. You can read about our comprehensive treatment offering on our services page.

“Truly a Wonderful Pediatric Dentist

We have worked with Dr. Jaju for both a tongue and lip tie, as well as an infant dental visit. Each time — including following the tongue and lip tie — she was wonderful, thorough, and warm. We are huge fans and continue to return despite not getting insurance coverage. Its worth it! We couldn’t recommend Dr. Jaju more!”

– Charlie D.

“Love Dr. Jaju

Our family has been with Dr. Rishita for so many years and have proudly ‘traveled’ with her through our dental health journey”

– Mark J.

“Great Service and Wonderful Staff

From the first phone call to our last follow-up, everything has been wonderful. They got our one-week-old in very quickly. They took the time to explain everything and answer all questions. They have thought of everything from a nursing room to an online video for the “homework.” Dr. Jaju is so knowledgeable and caring, Will be coming back for our regular dental appointments.”

– Katie C.

“Great experience for tongue and lip tie revision

Dr. Jaju was wonderful, we felt comfortable with the entire experience.”

– Maureen L.

“Just great!

I have a special needs child and Dr Rishita is always patient and kind. My daughter is now comfortable and she no longer fears coming to the dentist. I would highly recommend!”

– Alison M.

“Wonderful experience

Dr. Rishita was very quick to resolve my daughter’s lip and tongue tie and has been incredibly thorough with all of the follow up visits. She has been wonderful and helpful throughout the entire experience”

– L. M.


Dr. Jaju is a great dentist. She did an amazing job with my baby’s lip and tongue tie surgery”

– N. B.

“The Best!

My daughter (with down syndrome) has seen Dr. Rishita since she was very young. Dr. Rishita is incredibly patient and very skilled. I highly recommend her practice!!”

– M. F.

“We love Dr Rishita

Dr Rishita was very friendly and provided us with lots of helpful advice. We would recommend her to all our friends and family!”

– Matt M.

“Best clinic

Every visit at Dr Jaju’s clinic is a great experience”

– Navjot R.

“Wonderful results!

Dr Jaju has given us the ability to nurse and our son the ability to eat without choking. He has had great results from his lip and tongue release surgery! We can’t say enough good things!!! Thank you thank you!”

– O. A.